Special Symposium ECAA

The LightMAT conference 2017 will host the ECAA 2017 as a special symposium. The first ECAA „European Conference on Aluminium Alloys“ took place in Bremen 05. - 07. October 2011 as the European  branch of the ICAA “International Conference on Aluminium Alloys”, the most renowned series of international conferences on Aluminium alloys since 1986. It provides a forum where Aluminium-researchers,
-producers and -users from industry meet with scientists and experts from universities and research laboratories to present and discuss new developments in the science and technology of Aluminium alloys, on their production, processing and physical metallurgy of semis and their broad applications.

With Aluminium representing the most relevant, industrially produced and applied light-weight metal, the LightMAT will devote several keynote lectures and a specific 2 1/2 day series of Aluminium relevant symposia (the “ECAA symposium”), of course all open to any LightMAT 2017 participant.

I am looking forward to your contribution and active participation!

Jürgen Hirsch
LightMAT & ECAA committee