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Plenary Lecture

Additive Manufacturing: Cybersecurity challenges, threat models, and a new design based security approach

Thursday (09.11.2017)
13:40 - 14:20
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Additive manufacturing (AM), also called 3D printing, is one the fastest growing industrial fields in the past decade. The AM process chain heavily relies on software programs starting from the first step of product design to the final step of manufacturing the part using a 3D printer. The digital nature of the AM cyber-physical system makes it vulnerable to cybersecurity risks such as sabotage and intellectual property theft. In hardware sector, the design of a product remains the same for years, even decades, and the monetary losses from stolen intellectual properties can be significant. This presentation discusses the unique challenges faced by the AM process chain. The threats can be internal or external, which are discussed in various threat models. The unique challenges faced by AM methods also need specialized solutions. A new design based security approach is discussed where security features are embedded in the CAD model designs. In the presence of these features, the CAD files print as high quality components only under a specific set of process flow conditions, while other processing conditions provide a lower quality or defective part. This design approach can augment the network security tools deployed by cybersecurity experts to develop a robust cybersecurity strategy for high value parts.

Prof. Nikhil Gupta
New York University