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Plenary Lecture

Challenges and Advances in Optimizing the Property Profile of Magnesium Materials and Resulting Application Perspectives

Friday (10.11.2017)
08:30 - 09:10
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In recent years, magnesium and its alloys were successfully introduced into weight-saving applications in the transportation industries in order to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as well as to increase the performance of modern cars. Besides advantages, e.g. superior specific strength and excellent processability, applications of magnesium alloys are limited due to their inferior properties at elevated temperatures, e.g. limited creep resistance and insufficient corrosion performance, especially when in galvanic contact with other metallic materials. Current developments are revealing possibilities to improve these properties by using modern alloys and processing routes. While the majority of industrial applications utilize high-pressure die cast products, the use of wrought magnesium alloys is still at an early stage. Within the framework of on-going research and development, the corrosion behavior of both cast and wrought magnesium materials in standalone uses or in galvanic couples with other metallic materials is gaining increasing attention. The magnesium industry has to face new challenges with regard to market issues, the breakdown of the western magnesium industry and finally the carbon footprint discussion of the life cycle assessment of components for the transportation industry. This presentation will first address these issues and challenges, then discuss new developments, and finally show some examples of new and potential applications.

Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Kainer
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht