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Quality assurance in serial production of AM-Titanium components for aerospace applications – status and challenges for the future

Wednesday (08.11.2017)
15:40 - 16:00
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Premium AEROTEC is the first supplier for aerospace industries in Europe who was authorised in March 2016 to deliver structural parts out of Ti manufacturing by Additive Manufacturing with an EASA Form 1. Due to steep ramp-up capacities by market demands such as A350, A320 and A400M a customized quality assurances in the end-to-end supply chain is mandatory.

In spite of the effort for the qualification the lead time was reduced about 30 % in comparison to the conventional process. The running serial production enables even a reduction of more than 60 % in comparison to the prior manufacturing route. As a matter of fact Quality assurance along the process chain is absolutely vital to ensure the structural integrity of flying parts. This becomes especially mandatory for the evaluation of structural parts in an airplane where critical defects have to be excluded to predict a safe operation.

Today, Premium AEROTEC has successfully deployed quality control actions along the serial Titanium Additive Manufacturing process chain based on heuristic and experimental data by identifying correlations to determine the final part quality. Measurements of Key Process Parameters (KPP) are taken place in pre-process, in-process and post-processing such as hot-isostatic pressing steps to determine correlations. In Pre-process, KPP such as for powder material (humidity, flowability, oxygen level, chemical composition etc.) are used to define the appropriate system input parameters for AM. In-process measurements, such as the melt-pool signatures during AM process are monitored to determine potential defects in each layer. Finally post-processing measurements by optical and tactile metrologies as well as destructive and non-destructive testing such as radiography for detecting volumetric defects and possible crack-like defects are executed.

Dr. Kai Schimanski
Premium AEROTEC GmbH
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  • Dr. Alexander Hemmen
    Premium AEROTEC
  • Daniel Tolksdorf
    Premium AEROTEC
  • Dr. Kai Schimanski
    Premium AEROTEC