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Microstructural and mechanical characterization of high strength aluminum alloy processed via selective laser melting

Thursday (09.11.2017)
15:00 - 15:20
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Recently, additive manufacturing (AM) gained increased attention from academia and industry. In particular, for metallic applications, selective laser melting (SLM) as a powder-bed based technology is highly interesting since a robust and versatile processing is feasible. By employing SLM, sophisticated parts can be generated in a near net shape fashion. Thus, SLM with its layer-wise generation is a promising candidate to fabricate lightweight components. As a lightweight material, e.g., additively manufactured aluminum alloys have been investigated for various applications such as the transportation sector. Still, high strength aluminum alloys for structural applications have to be further addressed. Therefore, in this study, a high strength aluminum alloy is processed via SLM, and subsequently the evolution of the resulting microstructural and mechanical analyses is elucidated.

Dr. Kay-Peter Hoyer
Paderborn University
Additional Authors:
  • Florian Hengsbach
    Paderborn University
  • Peter Koppa
    Paderborn University
  • Madison Burns
    Paderborn University
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Tröster
    Paderborn University
  • Prof. Dr. Mirko Schaper
    Paderborn University