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Strength and corrosion resistance of AlMgSi alloys

Thursday (09.11.2017)
09:15 - 09:35
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In the past, in the metal industry the specifications were mainly focused on static mechanical properties like the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) or Brinell hardness (HB). Subsequently, yield strength (YS) and elongation to fracture (εfrac) became more important. Today, the automotive industry is expecting excellent corrosion properties as well as a high fatigue lifetime. Sometimes even high tem-perature properties are demanded as aluminum parts are used in temperature ex-posed environments (T>200°C) in the automotive industry. Moreover, frame conditions such as no heat treatment on the deformed part for reduction of distor-tions or reduction of costs have to be considered. Modern age hardenable alumi-num alloys must have a good thermal stability, corrosion resistance and fatigue lifetime. Finally the carbon footprint has to be optimized by using more second-ary aluminum.

This study discusses the main factors of influence on material properties with respect to ecological and economical frame conditions.


Dr. Alexander Wimmer
Neuman Aluminium