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Optimization of Al-alloys by analysis of multi-dimensional data from materials simulation

Friday (10.11.2017)
11:35 - 11:55
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JMatPro is a popular materials simulation system which allows the calculation of temperature-dependent materials properties and is now frequently used in research and industrial applications. Optimization of Al-alloys has to consider variations of chemical composition and process parameters during processing. If multiple chemical elements and process parameter have to be varied many calculations (>> 1000) have to be performed. Conflicting objectives, e.g. effects on strength, heat treatment temperatures and alloying costs must be considered.

Using the new web-based ICME-system EDA results of such materials simulations as well as experimental tests can be consolidated in the database and be evaluated. Interactive graphical representations allow the selection of the optimal alloy variants/ modification.


Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Petra Becker
    Metatech GmbH
  • Dr. Alex Miron
    Matplus GmbH