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"HoDforming“ a new hot forming technology for high strength Aluminium sheet

Thursday (09.11.2017)
15:00 - 15:20
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A new advanced hot forming technology is presented which enables to hot-form sheet at the best suitable forming conditions. To form the sheet in the area of the uniform elongation enables the material to flow with high forming ratio as well as to form small radii or sharp edges. The process runs efficiently within a short time’s period of about 20 seconds, suitable for mass production. The “HoDform Technology” achieves these requirements by using temperatures of more than 450 °C for the sheet aluminium material as well as permanent high temperature of the forming die. This is the requirement to form successfully all aluminium alloys including high strength alloys. The high forming ratio achieved means a thinning of the sheet without additional material flow in the die up to 40 to 50 % without fracture. For higher forming ratios additional material flow in the die is necessary. Another aspect for successful forming is to minimize the friction in the die. The lowest friction condition can be achieved by gas forming independently of the forming speed. That means the main forming process is “friction free” and the forming process is absolutely reproducible. Within the short cycle time “HoDforming” avoids major grain growth or other undesired microstructural affects, in contrast, it can be applied to form age hardening alloys with solid solution annealing included. Furthermore “HoDforming” can form sheet products with high surface quality, based on experiences of the aluminium tube forming technology, established for high volume production.

Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Peter Amborn
    HoDforming GmbH
  • Martin Cremer
    Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH
  • Martin Lentz
    Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH