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TRILLIUM®, a new aluminium brazing technology

Friday (10.11.2017)
11:35 - 11:55
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Since several years an aluminium braze alloy containing non-corrosive brazing flux has been developed, named TRILLIUM®. It has been used for brazing of non heat treatable aluminium sheet components in the heat exchanger industry and has proven to be, unlike conventional aluminium brazing technology, extremely tolerant to oxygen and water vapour in the brazing atmosphere. Here, we make several superficial studies on the further braze joining opportunities with this material. Among other things the materials tolerance to magnesium is evaluated, an alloying element which is otherwise considered detrimental to brazing using potassium fluoroaluminate flux grades. It is also found that brazing can be realised with considerably lower flux loads than todays industrial lower benchmark limit of 2g/m2. The opportunities of brazing with heat treatable aluminium alloys is investigated. A section of brazing between said aluminium alloy and other metals is also included. The other metals and alloys include the industrially important nickel, several stainless steel grades and titanium. It is concluded that the TRILLIUM® can be successfully used in brazing with much broader process conditions and material floras than the non heat treatable aluminium alloys brazed presently in the industry.

Dr. Richard Westergaard
Gränges Sweden AB
Additional Authors:
  • Anders Oskarsson
    Gränges AB
  • Slawomir Koscielski
    Gränges Sweden AB


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