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Effect of dispersoids on microstructure evolution of Al-Mg-Si alloys

Thursday (09.11.2017)
11:15 - 11:35
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Dispersoids play a significant role in the recrystallization and texture development for wrought Al-Mg-Si (6xxx series) alloys by inhibiting grain boundary motion. It is therefore important to understand the precipitation kinetics of such particles. It is the additions of Mn and Cr in Al-Mg-Si based systems that can lead to dispersoid phases being formed. These phases are currently thought to nucleate via β’-Mg2Si on an intermediate semi-coherent precipitate. An investigation into the precipitation kinetics has been performed via TEM. Additional characterisation has been performed via Electron Probe Micro Analysis displaying the elemental distribution through heating and the effect on the final distribution of dispersoids. Furthermore, a model has been developed to predict the precipitation kinetics and distribution of dispersoids within a grain, comparing these results to experimental observations.

Dr. Michael Kenyon
The University of Manchester
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Joseph Robson
    University of Manchester
  • Dr. Zeqin Liang
  • Dr. Nicolas Kamp


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Short Paper LightMAT 2017 Conference Paper - Effect of Dispersoids on the Microstructure Evolution in Al-Mg-Si Alloys This is a short conference paper including details of the work to be presented. 5 MB Download