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Development of Al-Mg-Sc thin foils for use in fibre-reinforced metal laminates

Wednesday (08.11.2017)
17:20 - 17:40
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In this work we report current results on development of a new generation of fibre-reinforced metal laminates used in aeronautical applications. Applying existing technologies (GLARE pre-preg) we introduce thin foils based on Al-Mg-Sc alloy instead of AA2024 alloy currently used. This would contribute to overall fuselage weight reduction of at least 13.5 %. The goal is to design an alloy and a rolling technology of thin foils, which would allow saving weight while maintaining mechanical properties. The developed alloy is based on 1570C (Al-5.5Mg-0.23Sc-0.34Mn-0.07Zr-0.03Ti), whereas content of Cu, Zn and Mg is varied. The alloy was manufactured by semi-continuous casting and rolled into thin sheets of a thickness 5 mm. The resulting sheets have a clear elongated grain structure with many dark spots, which could be assigned to primary precipitates containing Sc and Zr by using the SEM/EDX. At the same time numerous small round particles containing Sc, Zr and Mn and primarily allocated at grain boundaries can be detected. These particles strengthen the material by inhibition of dislocation and grain boundary motion. The analysis of mechanical properties using tensile testing shows good strength properties: YTS ≥ 300 MPa and UTS ≥ 400 MPa. Good elongation at fracture could also be achieved: 12 % transverse and 18 % along the rolling direction. The obtained values are comparable with AA2024 and could be further improved by appropriate heat-treatment after final rolling. At the next step reduction of the sheet thickness up to 0.5 mm is planned. In order to develop a corresponding rolling technology a combination of differential scanning calorimetry, processing maps and tensile tests will be used. The authors thank the FFG and the FASIE for funding the project „AeroFML – Development of innovative AlMgSc Fibre Metal Laminates for aeronautical applications“.

Dr. Evgeniya Kabliman
LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Salar Bozorgi
  • Iris Baumgartner
  • Alexey Nikolas
    SMW Engineering Ltd.


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