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Recrystallization and Texture of Alloy 5182 Automotive Sheet

Thursday (09.11.2017)
09:15 - 09:35
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The final properties of automotive sheet are largely determined by the grain structure and crystallographic texture developed during rolling and annealing treatments. The present study examined the effects of cold deformation (%), prior recovery treatment, heating rate, and annealing temperature on the recrystallization behavior of 5182-O sheet. Recrystallized grain size and grain growth kinetics were quantified at temperatures between 350° C and 450° C and for heating rates between 50° C/hr and 350° C/sec. Optical microscopy, TEM, X-ray diffraction, and EBSD were employed to characterize the microstructures in the study. Grain size was primarily affected by parameters which impacted stored energy and the nucleation frequency. The differences in texture were explained by changes in the dominant recrystallization mechanism.

Ph.D. Qianning Guo
Chongqing University
Additional Authors:
  • Xiuchuan Lei
    Chongqing University
  • Prof. Xiaofang Yang
    Chongqing University
  • Prof. Robert E. Sanders
    Chongqing University


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