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Tailored Al-alloy developments for Laser Powderbed-Fusion 3D-printing – from applied process & welding metallurgy to high strength & convincing ductility

Wednesday (08.11.2017)
11:20 - 11:40
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3D-printing using Laser Powderbed-Fusion (LPB-F) technology is a part & material creation approach that enables tailored Al-material concepts. Depending on process parameter being used during layer by layer material generation a certain degree of rapid solidification is widening the selection window of Al-alloy compositions that can be deployed beneficially. Even new material chemistries so far not used in classical Al material engineering can offer improved properties after layer-wise built-up. However principle bulk material strengthening mechanisms have to be reflected against thermal metallurgy (inter-diffusion) propensities as those are defining the all over material behavior after LPB-F intrinsic more fold re-melting & subsequent post LPB-F process annealing. After proper selections an impressing property mix like been disclosed by Scalmalloy®-AlMgSc or SilmagAl®-AlSi7Mg0.6 becomes feasible. Addressing these fundamental issues in the right way further new Al-materials opportunities for LPB-F are becoming viable.

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Palm
Airbus Defence & Space