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Additive Manufacturing of Magnesium Alloys

Wednesday (08.11.2017)
17:40 - 18:00
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Additive Manufacturing (AM) in particular laser-powder bed fusion (L-PBF) is a rapidly emerging production technology. Especially for light metals such as titanium and aluminum L-PBF is widely used by industry. Novel lightweight constructions can be enabled by exploiting the design opportunities owed to the layer-wise manufacturing process. However to even increase the potential for weight saving, magnesium alloys, which have approximately thirty percent less density than aluminum alloys, could be used with L-PBF. Processing magnesium alloys by means of L-PBF is quite challenging due to their unique physical and chemical properties. In contrast to aluminum and titanium the difference between melting and evaporation temperature is very small. Furthermore, magnesium is very prone to oxidation.

This talk will address these challenges and show how these unique properties of magnesium alloys affect the L-PBF process. Furthermore, the resulting microstructure of L-PBF parts made of AZ91 and WE43 are shown. The mechanical properties of L-PBF parts compare favorably with cast parts. L-PBF WE43 is even as strong as extruded material. First demonstrators are built via L-PBF showing that L-PBF can be used to produce complex parts out of magnesium alloys, paving the way for novel applications.


Dipl.-Phys. Lucas Jauer
Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum
    RWTH Aachen University